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 And it's a Lonely Lumination,

A blush and a glance and a cigarette conversation,

For your Love, Baby

For your Love, Baby.

I was watching your house of open windows

And I thought I saw a locked door

Now I may not know just where it's at

but I'm gonna find out what it's there for.

Oh this, it's only Hesitation

Rushing a chance on a silent obligation 

To your Love, Baby

To your Love, Baby

Romance and a fleeting memorabilia

A wilting rose and its green stem

Picture on the wall of a couple disenchanted?
No, it was only a walk to Lake Michigan

(and back again)

It's a Saddened Situation

A couple of hopes and no known invitation

To your Love, Baby

To your Love, Baby

A hug and a kiss and a heart-beating valentine

A song on the stereo

I wanna take your hyand

And lead you to an unpromised land,

But, Baby, where would we go?

-Fjaere Nilssen @all rights reserved.

the adventures of lonely lou


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