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A Loose Dream is a New Day

Do you wake up feeling Groundhog's Day? The solution is to decide to become someone else. Here is a new character, and a taste of her story. She lives inside the upcoming album. THE LAST OF THE CARTOON VAGABONDS, which will debut August 20, 2021, right here.

Natasha came to Nevada with her mother , a sort of Gypsy Rose Lee type. No, not really. Mother weighed nearly three hundred pounds, No one really knew how she would ever lose. She mostly sat. In a big

puffy chair that reclined

Natasha hit the Strip when she was little. She liked to smell the cigarettes and the refreshed air, that left her excited.

Mother worked from home, in the days when you could make a buck addressing envelopes.

Natasha was an only child, who never knew her father. Mother did not like to talk about him. She used to say, "I lost the bet, so I got stuck with you."

Mother had money coming in, but Natasha never saw it. Natasha liked to go to the thrift stores and Goodwill shops. When she became a teenager, she volunteered, and was able to build a wardrobe for herself. She loved sunglasses and collected big round shades.

The story of Mr. Bijou is too long a one to tell here. Suffice it to say that when you hang around and act interested long enough, someone will be interested in you.

And this is the way Natasha became Mr. Bijou's lucky charm.

Mr Bijou had two friends: Mr. Babar and Mr. Sandfly.

Natasha knew these were not their real names.

The three men played high-stakes poker in closed rooms Natasha was lucky enough to sit inside.

Sometimes Mr. Bijou won very big.

What he liked to say to Natasha: "A loose dream is a new day, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah!"

He would want to get a room when he won big. Natasha soon discovered she would not be a kid for long.

These were her teenage years.

Some say that high school is the best four years of your life you will ever have.

Natasha did not attend much. Still, she got an education, an earful, and still counts on hitting it big. She is still around. And to my knowledge, taking big chances.

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