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All Clues Revealed Here

Fernando Perdomo with Feef Mooney

All last week, on FB, I posted CLUES with no answers. So, if you have patiently been reading along, here is what you have been missing:

  1. SOMEONE WHO LOVES TODD RUNDGREN: You guessed it. FERNANDO PERDOMO. Few people could reproduce, with very talented friends, Rundgren's CLASSIC "SOMETHING/ANYTHING" double album, But Fernando did. And beautifully.

  2. NEARLY HIRED TO WORK FOR SESAME STREET UNTIL FATE DECIDED OTHERWISE: You guessed it. FEEF MOONEY. Having graduated Harvard, having met Jim Henson, as well as Sesame Street composer Joe Raposo, Feef lined up an interview to work for Children's Television Workshop. Little did she know at the time, however, that after busking on Rose Street in Edinburgh, she would be snatched up by a couple of music producers who made an album for her that got her a publishing deal with Zomba Music in London. The rest is herstory.

  3. "AND I REMEMBER YOU. THE WAY YOU TAUGHT ME TO..." The loss of so many people. Covid. Isolation. Feef wrote this song to remember the people who are past this mortal coil. Loss hurts so much. It was through Zak Nilsson that Feef found out about Fern. And was exposed to so much beautiful music. Feef connected first with Zak, because her first LA producer, Richard Perry, had worked with his father, Harry Nilsson. Through all of these connections, the colour wheel of music was in play.

  4. "TO LIVE IN COLOUR, NOT IN GRAY." Feef was suddenly connecting, through Zak, with a host of colourful musicians, from Terry Paul Roland, to The Roadhouse community. And it seemed all of these musicians were determined to say Hello again and again to all of the musical greats who have not really left us at all.

  5. FOUR LETTER WORDS BEGINNING WITH F: you guessed it. Feef. and Fern. Could there be a musical connection? Could they actually record together/ Would the results be memorable?

  6. WHEN SOMEONE WE LOVE PASSES, DO THEY SOMEHOW STAY? Now I had to see what would happen. I phoned Fern, and we made a date to make a recording. The song, HELLO AGAIN, is about that mystical belief that everyone we love is still here. Still around us,. Still inspiring us. Still helping us to make the right choices.

Last year, I made my own record. Fern was the one who championed it first. Jamie Douglass, Adam Steinberg, Frankie Mooney contributed to this record. Matt Forger mixed and mastered it. THE LAST OF THE CARTOON VAGABOND was a soul-transforming period of time for me, solo, in the studio.

Now it feels time to make a record with a musical soulmate.

I hope you like this song, and I hope it moves you. Why should I create any music at all, unless it provides TRUE emotion? I feel, I hope, I dream, about making a record with Fernando.

I am excited to involve you as my angels, my supports. Whatever you would like to contribute you will be recognised. I promise you that.

For I believe this new music will "live in colour, not in gray."

Thank you for continuing to listen, and to love.


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