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Covid is not Cool.

Ok. Have you had it? And if you did or do now, do you feel a bit like a social leper?

Let's get the rant out of the way first.

Hey Covid! I did everything right. I have been vaxxed at every opportunity, and have masked myself silly. I have thumbed my nose at you and felt victorious! When friends and family got you, I was the first to say "Oh no!!" and then to quietly judge. "Hmm, well, they must have been too cavalier, somewhere along the way."

My story is pretty simple. Frankie came back from Texas, a work trip, and BOOM. Tested positive. I was fortunate in that I had already performed at Hotel Cafe with my band, attended several shows I had with artists I was dying to see, and had some bloody great times in Hollywood, swearing that I was definitely living in the right place at the right time. Even through those days, I tested myself diligently. Always negative and always feeling great.

Then came Thanksgiving. I'd been sleeping on the green sofa, and rose early to put the bird in the oven and prepare all of the vegetables. But all of a sudden, my nose began to run, and I started to cough. Where did THIS come from? I had a very weird headache, too.

I spoke to my sister the nurse, and she said, "Yup. You got it." I refused to believe, but went inside and immediately tested. Happy Thanksgiving! YOU are positive.

I remember that I could taste my Thanksgiving dinner. However it was the briefest feast I have ever had. 15 minutes total. And by the time evening fell, I could not taste the pumpkin pie at all.

Thus began the isolation. F, in the meantime, recovered, which is a good thing, because I was now unable to do my usual.

I felt at first extremely guilty. How could you get this! I blamed myself. I hated to cancel rehearsals, students, projects, the entire studio! What would everyone think of me?

And there was nothing I could do. But go to bed.

Advil helped hugely. So did drinking large amounts of water.

I didn't go with Paxlovid, though I could have gotten it. Feeling cocky, I assured myself I would be out there in a couple of days. I just didn't feel THAT bad.

If you have been through this ordeal, you know that the isolation is not fun. It demands that you just stop. I couldn't even go visit anyone, teach anything, sing, play any instrument in front of anyone, buy anyone a drink, laugh at a joke with a friend in person. And aside from posting on Facebook, I had my cat, my phone , an Ipad, for watching movies, a water bottle and a bunch of pillows.

The world got on just fine without me. How humbling and true is this.

Giving in to a virus so that you can heal teaches a big lesson. I am one who does not enjoy sleeping. I want to make things, be useful, connect, get stuff going.

And COVID said Knock it off. You will be out there when I say I am done with you. You are not in charge of this. Just try and manage me. I will hang out here with you for a while.

I couldn't argue. I could get restless. And I am.

But I have been forced in to the real. My sister says probably about ten days. I am at Day 6. So, that is what I am projecting. I'm being Greta Garbo. I am escaping into a list of nominated documentaries and films. I am studying more about drum programming. I am planning my arse off and dreaming of being in the studio again. Playing with Saint Pacific. Putting the Cleo September band together again. Hanging with the Roadhouse crew for a Christmas concert again.

Because I have learned one thing through this COVID-cation. I am my dreams. Covid can fill me with a headache, but COVID cannot rob me of my desire to make, to be, to join, to connect, to find beauty and pathos and poignancy, to love other people's music, to celebrate giving, listening, receiving. It is all still there for me to appreciate.

And to look forward to. As long as I can dream and look forward, COVID has gifted me with the time to do so.

And so I say to you, COVID! I will soon be over you. But I am grateful you made me realize that my world after you will be even brighter and more special!

So I say to you guys, bless you. If you go down this road, keep looking for the Star. It is there. YOU are moving toward your own glory, despite this wee uncomfortable hiccup.

You are way cooler than Covid. Rest up, recover. Cuz you got things to do!

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