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Fantasy List

No, I don't want to go up into space. Not with Pete Davidson, not with any celebrity. But would you forgive me if I leave the current nightmares-Covid, War in the Ukraine, Climate Change -behind for a moment and fully fantasize about the world I would like?

To keep it simple, and easy to read, I will give you a list.

  1. I finish making an album with the great and inspired and empathetic Fernando Perdomo. People I respect actually listen to it, and I get to play the album at The Hotel Cafe to a receptive crowd.

  2. An artist I have been working with for 15 years releases songs he has written that I have produced, and the music gets heard and appreciated.

  3. I actually find I have friends to go to music venues with. Places like The Troubadour, and even Vibrato. I am going out to hear bands I love and I am having fun. A lot.

  4. I start working with new clients, recording, working on songs, teaching guitar, bass, and it's a blast!

  5. The second part of our studio, THE BLOOMFIELD, opens and we are filming musicians, spoken word artists, interviewers, artists, even putting together a monthly podcast called "Live at The Bloomfield."

  6. I am offered a chance to play in another person's band. I play guitar, bass, sing backing vocals, it's cool, and I even get paid.

  7. I start shooting hoops again, with a good friend or two.

  8. We have a party and a bunch of musicians come, bringing good food and drink and we play music together. It is so much fun we decide to do this kind of thing regularly, and someone else offers up a house to do another party.

  9. I feel part of a music scene in Los Angeles and I have dear musical friends I jam with, work with, perform with. And we are getting noticed. We are making enough money. And we support each other, we don't compete. We are there for each other.

  10. In the midst of all of this goodness, I find myself with time and energy to volunteer. I give fruit to homeless shelters. I give money to people in the Ukraine. I help animals, the environment. I work politics and try to help people. I am a good friend and a good family member and feel like I contribute to the world.

Well, there are many other fantasies: Covid is over and we can travel, play music in cool places, tour, and when home, I can become the world's healthiest best cook, a yoga instructor, a master gardener. The wish list goes on.

Maybe all good reality starts with fantasy. Spring seems like the time for planting dreams.

What do you think?

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