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Icky Things List

I love nature. And I love Donovan. I was raised with his psychedelic folk music and used it to get through every catastrophe in my life. if you have a Cd player in your car still, imagine popping a disc, and upping the volume, driving as fast as you can, without getting into trouble.

And this is the sort of song I wanted "FIREFLY" to be. Road-worthy, companionable and fun to listen to when you want to get your mind off other things.

Life isn't a nasty kleenex for me, lately. It's more the cocktail pajama party. So I thought this blog I would write about stuff that is just plain icky. Just for fun. After all, October is that month when we allow ourselves The Scares. Then we get to November, and it's The Prayers. We get gifty in December, and maybe thrifty, whenever guilt and debt catch up.

Here is my Current Icky Things List: This is not necessarily a top ten. I just like that number today.

  1. Plastic stuff left anywhere and everywhere. I like Starbucks as much as anyone, but is anyone else sick of seeing plastic lids and straws on sidewalks, in the street, just dumped? When I see people walking with Starbucks coffee, I keep thinking "Single Use" and then I think trash, And then ocean? Or landfill. And that's huge icky for me. Enough to keep me away from fast food.

  2. Smarmy "Please like my Spotify" requests from people I might have just friended. I didn't friend you to become one of your statistics. Let me discover your music, please. I understand self-promotion, but ... it's ICKY!

  3. Age-oriented thinking. Honestly, personally, I could give a fuck about your generation and your age. I want to know YOU. I am glad you are you. I don't decide my friendships based on how old a person is. I have friends who are in their 80s. And it's not a pity friendship. I think it is very icky when people say to me, "Aww, it is SO nice of you to be friends with her..." implying that an older person must take some effort to know, on my part. Knock it off. Watch HAROLD and MAUDE, for God's sakes.

  4. Discrimination against cats. How many times have I looked at pet friendly hotels, only to find out that CATS are not allowed. Please? We keep that litter box clean. Our cat is very clean. We would never stink up your hotel room. Trust the cat lover/owner a bit. Some people have to travel with their cats because they cannot afford a cat sitter, and maybe because their cats need medications.

  5. Hate and gossip. I just don't want to. Ever.

  6. The world is going to end, nothing we can do, species are going extinct, nothing we can do, we are all screwed. NO. We are not. Just stop it. There is always something we can do. It's just ICKY to be so negative.

  7. It's extremely ICKY to assume what anyone thinks.

  8. Talking and talking and knowing and knowing and never listening, never thinking, hmm, there might be another side, or I might be wrong. ICKY.

  9. Ghosting. Acting as though I am excited about knowing someone and then disappearing. Maybe that is beyond ICKY. That is horribly hurtful. And I guess it goes with the FLAKE factor.

  10. And finally. Hmm. Have I gone on too long? Now that would be pretty ICKY, wouldn't it.

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