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Is There Still Room for Love?

So, he's angry. It seems like he is always ranting about something. It could be something he heard on the news, or read in the papers, or saw on Facebook. He gets mad at people so easily, calls them stupid, says they don't get it.

And she doesn't sleep. She is so worried. She tries not to be, but the fires all over the world and the loss of so many trees, and all of the wildlife gone... she could cry an ocean. She doesn't know what is true, sometimes. Someone told her that she lives in a bubble, and maybe she does.

Life since COVID has gotten a bit repetitive.

She feels naked when she doesn't go out the door with a mask, and as she fears being a "spreader" she is super cautious, not wanting to harm a child, an elderly person, maybe even someone younger who doesn't seem at risk, but could be anyway.

These wee anecdotes reflect two people I know, two generous friends who had me over the other night. We sat in the patio and drank. Ate pizza, talked about people we know, and others we don't, all who seem to be in some sort of distress.

This was my first time to her house, which turned out to be big and 1947-cool. A pool in the back yard. An affectionate cat. Two dogs who came out eventually to sniff around, wag their tails and meander.

Even the moon came out, and she was big, full, yellow.

My friends are rather newly-living together. I could tell. It is hard to explain how you know that two people are in love when you are near them. Is there a scent in the air? They are not canoodling. But they laugh easy, and almost finish each other's sentences. And she loves to hear him tell me a story, one she has heard before. She knows he can tell a story like no one else.

She revels in all of the things he can do. He put together her IKEA table. She had never had one before. You would have thought he'd built her a tower.

And he loves to mention how gorgeous she is. When they first met, he assumed she was waiting at the restaurant for a man, not her girlfriend. He believed she was too beautiful to be alone.

She blushes when she hears him tell the story of how they met, to me.

I know they are both "caught in the sway."

And it makes me feel good, when they both walk me to my car, late at night, and both help me clean my filthy windscreen. It makes me feel full of love, just feeling how they are together. Each has a rant, a fear, a complaint. But the vitality of this love feels like extra oxygen. And I realize how severe life has been lately. How much pressure,, how much loss, and sadness.

He talks about how great it is to be in Los Angeles. "Always wanted to live in beautiful California, " he sighs. " glad to leave Missouri."

I find myself caught in their sway, not wanting to leave this intoxicating feeling.

And I remember that I am releasing my 7th single. It's just a love song. But... just? Love seems in the back seat, lately. Even guns have become sexier. Murders, Accidents. Disasters.

The season is changing. September is coming. I yearn to feel that heady perfume, the run-around like giddy idiot feeling, of being desired, of feeling on fire in a freeing, falling, lovely way.

To be honest, that's all I want for you.

I hope you get side-swiped and surprised by someone who fancies you deeply, and in the most wonderful way.

No matter what is going on, this is what we all so rightly deserve. Especially now.

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