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Just Feeling

We're walking on that wire. Moving into a new season, darkness coming quicker.

The heat in Los Angeles has not abated really.

We need to adjust.

COVID is not really over.

We need to vaccinate, keep being careful.

The hurricane comes, the drought persists.

We need to watch the thermostat, conserve water.

Yesterday my Uncle Bob died. He was a great guy, just himself, easy company, had a great laugh, made you feel comfortable.

I'm sad. Other stuff makes me melancholy too. I go to that weepy place.

I'm still a girl, and it's always been ok to cry.

I like hugging people. I like to listen. I like to pitch in. I love to hang.

I like a gin and tonic at the end of the day.

I love to sing and play my guitar.

I am shy, but I do like talking to people. It's often really exciting.

Just feeling I could keep this blog short this time.

Like many other musicians, I am an FOF. Friend of Fernando. (Perdomo)

I am proud of him and happy that we really did make a record together.

What I am going to be doing here in the next few weeks is sharing stories about CLEO SEPTEMBER, these songs we did together.

You might know I am going to perform at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on Friday November 18,

at 9pm. It's just one performance. It will happen, and then it will be over.

That is the way life is. Big feelings. Big events. And then over.

Just feeling this month. I don't want to miss anything. Even if I have to feel sad sometimes.

I want to go out. Play. Meet. Be alive. These words are my commitment, my pledge.

Just feeling is connecting.

I will see you around. And despite everything that might be going wrong in the world, I do have that to look forward to.

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