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Some LA Musicians I Love

Of course, this list will be incomplete.

Once again, we are coming into Awards time, here in Los Angeles. Quite honestly, I am old school. I love long award shows, and I am always excited to hear acceptance speeches. I do like it when actors and musicians use their "platform" to advocate for social good.

But that's not the subject of this blog.

Were I to administer my own FEEF AWARDS, they would be hopelessly subjective. But, hey, now that I have gone there, are you curious?


Here are my slightly unorganised awards. And please do remember that many brilliant LA musicians will be left off the list. So feel free to weigh in with your own awardees!


(and in no particular order of greatness)

BEST LA DRUMMER: MICHAEL COLLINS. A diverse and sophisticated player whose grooves can lock into a lounge beat, a salsa, a driving rock groove, or precise and complex jazz. Like Dave Grohl, he plays to the song, and enhances it, grounding the entire band which allows the singer-songwriter to shine almost effortlessly.

BEST LA BASS PLAYER: BEN EISEN. Host of the Podcast All Time Top Ten, Ben plays all kinds of bass. He can funk it up, rock it out, and lie low, playing only when you need that bottom end. He too is a song guy, and adds that bass like a missing puzzle piece to complete the sonic picture.



BEST UP AND COMING VOCALIST: MICHAELA D. JORDAN With exquisite power that is sexy and confident, Michaela delivers hugely and can sing anything. They fully occupy a song and deliver a storm you cannot ignore.

BEST VOCALIST I HAVE HEARD: DOLLY RAMIREZ. Dolly gives you angst, grit, blues, jazz, everything. She is beyond genre. Her phrasing is flawless. I believe she is the Linda Ronstadt of our generation.

BEST SINGER-SONGWRITER: Without a doubt, CHRIS PRICE. who else can deliver the deepest darkest blows with the sweetness of none other than Harry Nilsson himself.. His craft is akin to Burt Bacharach. His harmonies and arrangements are divine and gorgeous to listen to. However, do not be fooled. There is a delicious perversity going on as well, and this leaves me completely intrigued.




Let me just add: RUTHANN FRIEDMAN is in a class all her own. Outbesting the BEST.

BEST SHOW EMCEE: TERRY PAUL ROLAND has been championing Americana music and is encyclopaedic in his knowledge. At the Coffeehouse Backstage Gallery, he has been holding court, honoring everyone from The Traveling Wilburys to Loretta Lynn, Terry champions new and young artists as well as those who have been around. He is all about excellence, but has a warmth that is irresistible. Everyone in his audience is family to him.

BEST GUITARIST: This is an utterly tricky category as I know so many fine players. This time, I have to mention the great AL BONHOMME. You can catch him at The Cowboy Palace. I believe he can play with anyone of any genre and enhance a performance. His licks are just so tasty.Must mention also Barrett Tagliarino, whose chops are so down and whole playing is so elegant. I believe he can play like Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins combined.

BEST MOOTHIE (HARMONICA) PLAYER: I have never heard/seen anyone with the kind of finesse that MATT LOMEO has. A first class act. He can play the likes of Stevie Wonder, and then

Toots Thielemann. From Jazz to Motown to Blues.

BEST VIOLINIST: I am gobsmackingly in love with Kaitlin Wolfberg. Her precision, her taste, her ability to play diversely, fiercely then with great subtlety, then with monstrous feeling. She is other--worldly, and I would go to see any band if she were part of it.

BEST VENUE: There is no better venue to play than THE HOTEL CAFE. Here you find the most exciting LA talent. As a performer, you get RESPECT. You are able to sell tickets, and the venue helps with that. The venue will tell the world about you and feature you. Who else, besides perhaps The TROUBADOUR, does that!!

BEST PRODUCER AND OVERALL MUSICIAN: FERNANDO PERDOMO. There is no one I know who has given himself completely to the world of music as has Fern. He is much beloved by many a musician, and this is because he cares, he gives, and, well, we all know he is a musical genius.

I am certain I have left a zillion people out of this list. But hey this is just a start!

And, GRAMMY weekend coming up... why not plug a few divine forces who happen to be walking, or in the case of LA, driving.. our familiar streets?

If you liked this feature, let me know. I have many more people to write about. And if anyone here interests you, I am certain you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, or just google them.

And give them big love! BOOK THEM BUY THEIR PRODUCT mucho support matters

lovingly FEEF


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