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What We Can Do

This week I am just so nervous. All of the things I wanted to do and get done have been postponed. I keep saying, "Man, this sucks" and it's true. I am vaxxed and boosted, and healthy, I think. But I am being careful. And I have been advised to be careful.

I cancelled appearing at THE ROADHOUSE Richie Furay

Tribute Show in Altadena, and hated doing it.

And there are studio redesigns I am dying to make, but I guess they gotta wait. My construction guy friend has a son who was exposed to Covid and he has been tested and is waiting to get the results. So is my new engineer/songwriter/studio designer pal. Nobody wants to contaminate me. And I don't want to stick it to someone else.

So I'm stuck.

Howeveh.....there are dreams and plans afoot.

One new plan is a revamp of LIVE AT THE BLOOMFIELD. This is a stage area in Studio B that will serve as a great setting for videoing, streaming shows on Facebook, and perhaps even podcasting from. We will have stage lights and a great sound system. We will video/stream you, solo, with a small band, and we will make you look the brilliant artist that you are!

Studio B will also be able to serve as a live drum room, so we can record drums here for you. AND.. we have a plexiglass window, and a set up so that you can record in your very own room, with us on the other side! Totally protected!

I am planning to continue to record and to develop cover sets. What I have really wanted to do is to partner with another artist and go out and perform. I really hope that happens this year.

I am in the mood to produce an Artist. We will see how who happens here.

And I am gearing up to do session work on Air Gigs as well as Patreon.

There are always endless ways to learn more. To write. To rehearse. To record. To Perform.

But what I am looking to do most is to connect. It is always a question for us as musicians. We need to make ends meet. We need to be paid. We need to offer services. but we also need to be a part of a scene, or something larger than ourselves.

This just reminds me that I need to listen as much as I need to create.

I don't want to lose that balance.

I have hope that I will have that studio party and jam I have been dreaming of for nearly two years.

I hope someday you will join me, as John Lennon said.

And the world will be as one.

Happy New year. We are getting there. Hang in.

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